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Transfers within Our University:

Those students who have successfully completed all the first year courses of the undergraduate program in which they are registered can transfer to other departments / programs within the determined quota on condition that they fulfill the other conditions set by the Board of Directors of the related Faculty / Higher Education Institution.

Transfers from Other Universities’ Undergraduate Programs:

Transfers from other institutions of Higher Education to the university are carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the Higher Education Committee and the decisions of principles taken. Transfer students are required to have a level of English sufficient for them to follow their course. This matter is determined by the exams given by the School of Foreign Languages. The documents of the students coming from institutions where instruction is carried out totally in English or who have attended the exams that have International validity (TOEFL, IELTS, CAMB, PROF, etc.) are evaluated by the School of Foreign Languages. Students who are found to have a sufficient level of English will not be required to take the Proficiency Exam.

Transfers from Vocational Schools:

The rules and principles for the admission of students are determined by the Board of Trustees with the related laws into consideration.

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