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Dear Students;

Design, in cultural and socio-economic content, and in human-environment relations, functions at a setting where the information on production and consumption, and marketing-management take effect entirely.

Design is the concrete state of change, it reflects change, and it is a social act. Design defines who we are. By basing on the famous quote of John Dewey “We Learn by Doing”, and Marshall McLuhan “The Medium is the Message”; the practicality of the education is to establish a relationship with other disciplines in terms of creativity as conducting the disciplines in their own languages.

IUE Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, which was established in 2004, embodies various design disciplines working in harmony and integration with each other. Our Faculty contains five departments; Departments of Fashion and Textile Design, Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design.

Our Faculty aims to train young designers who are creative, solution providers, environmentally conscious, socially responsible, and who target national and global design. Also, our programs shape the students into forming their own personal design identities as they help to develop design vision of the students.

The distinction of our Faculty is based on being seized as an interdisciplinary field that includes various areas of expertise such as the economics of design, art, technology, culture, communication, and management; the theory of design being an autonomous academic field within itself, and allowing development of education programs intended for various areas of expertise. 

So far 1270 students graduated from our Faculty. With the completion of Bologna process, the Faculty, in addition to basic design and arts courses offered to all departments in first year, offers options and elective courses starting from third year in its programs that are completely compatible with the international standards.

The Faculty also offers an exquisite atmosphere to students where they can put their creativity into practice with continuously updated exhibitions, workshops and seminars intended to create awareness about current issues such as environmental consciousness, and sustainability, etc.

Also, in addition to full-time Turkish and foreign national faculty members with vast experience and outstanding educational background, there are part-time members who come from different disciplines, universities and cities to share their work experience with our students.

The number of international cooperation with other universities is increasing day by day since we believe in globalization in terms of design disciplines. The increasing number of students from abroad contributes to the intercultural education of our Faculty.

Our faculty offers its students a design atmosphere where they can improve their creativity with its physical features, technical infrastructure, international academic staff, working environment, computer facilities, spaces where students’ work is currently exhibited, and prepare the students for future.

We are welcoming all of you believing that you will be proud to be a student and a graduate of Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design.

Sincere regards,

Prof.Dr.Ender Yazgan Bulgun
Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts and Design


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