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Exhibitions and Fashion Shows / 2018-2019

Invitation 2018-2019

Graduation Projects of Izmir University of Economics, Fine Arts and Design Faculty 2018-2019 graduates will be presented in the end of year exhibition held in 31 May 2019. The exhibition will include over 200 projects prepared by senior students in different conceptual frameworks. Following the opening of the exhibition, the graduation collections of the students of the Fashion and Textile Design Department will be presented to the audience with the fashion show held at the IUE Ceremony Site.

Graduation Projects in the Department of Architecture, organized around the concept of “Formations” subdivided into three units including Critical, Urban and Technological Practices with the corresponding themes of Islands, Green Focus and Sky Hub. All of the project themes take place in complex urban settings with the parameters of urban life. In total, there are 88 proposals with various types of exhibited materials including architectural graphics, visualizations, and models of varying sizes, scales, materials and production techniques.

Graduation Projects in the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, are organized around the concept of contemporary society and possible future structure of our society and their ideologies. Students are faced to see their own ideology as a possible film scenario, propose a film poster, find a building that fits to their script, and then are challenged to create spaces (scenes form the movie) reflecting their conceptual idea in the Fall Semester. In the Spring Semester, those 54 graduate candidates then develop all necessary technical application drawings of the project such as plans, sections, elevations, furniture and construction details, electrical and mechanical plan of their projects.

Department of Industrial Design graduation projects are constructed around the idea of individual choice. Senior year students are expected to propose a design project for their future careers. While this broad attitude helps students carefully craft their design ideas, it also helps them keep up with the latest trends in design and business worlds. This year we have 16 product design candidates, 7 of whom are specializing under Product Design, and 9 under Design Management areas. Their final design ideas will be presented with boards, prototypes, promotional items and a short video.

Visual Communication Design 4th year students are tackling their self-defined design problems in various media. With the objective of producing work at the professional level, worthy of graduation, all of 16 senior students have carried out rigorous research to develop advanced visual messages, creating a wide range of visual design solutions. For instance, a Kafka story comes alive in a captivating cell animation, while Nietzsche takes a hike on the Swiss Alps in an interactive game narrative. These are just a few of the creative solutions that graduates-to-be bring to their self-authored problems, as final exhibition is rich with visual stories that cover all the range from stop motion to documentary, from installations to dark graphic novels.

Finally, the 4th year Fashion and Textile Design students prepared their graduation collections in order to celebrate 100 years of German Bauhaus School. The collections prepared by the fourth year fashion design students, were inspired by famous works of Bauhaus School in Weimar/Germany which was founded in 1919. In the fashion show, 10 students will present their ready to ready-to-wear collections addressing a contemporary international audience.


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