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Design functions within an area where the knowledge on management, marketing, production and consumption are important and within the socio-economic and cultural context of human-environment relations. The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, which appropriates a wide perspective in design, is composed of different design disciplines that work in unity and harmony with each other. In this context, while the programs respond to the needs of the local and global markets, they also develop students’ design vision and guides them into developing their own designer identities.

We see design as composed of different areas of expertise such as economy, art, technology, culture, communications and management. The difference of our faculty lies in our belief in this interdisciplinary nature of design; as well as in our acceptance of design’s autonomy as an academic discipline; and in our enabling of the development of educational programs on different areas of expertise in design.

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design consists of five departments: Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Communication Design, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and Architecture. Our faculty is growing constantly with the opening of 3 design departments in 2004 and the opening of architecture department in 2005. Our identity is continuously forming with a growing number of faculty members - both Turkish and foreign. Our approach brings together design disciplines in a dynamic environment that supports creativity and collaboration with industry; and foresights the implementations of chains of partnering programs, which forms a communications network with each other.

The first semester of our program brings together students from all design departments. The concentration shifts towards their own professional areas in the second year of the program and to the proficiency courses in the third year of the programs. The graduation year focuses on the students’ development of individual design identities.

Our faculty considers design education in the light of practice, theory and communications. Our faculty actively participates in seminars, symposia, conferences, domestic and foreign trips, and fashion shows, and continues to expand their scope and vision via the Center for Design Research and Practice (EKOTAM). With our mission that recognizes and accomodates the dynamic nature of the era, we will continue to nurture designers who will produce positive values, raise the quality of life of our society, contribute to the country economically. Our graduates will be aware of their responsibilities as a European, democratic, intellectual, and be creative individuals.


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