Faculty of Fine Arts and Design

Entry Requirements

Faculty of Fine Arts and Design enrols students according to central placement method based on LYS (Undergraduate Placement Exam) results conducted by OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Centre).   The candidates make their preferences based on the quotas specified in OSYS guidelines (Student Selection and Placement Exam), and placed by OSYM.

Only Department of Fashion and Textile Design enrols students based on pre-registration/ special aptitude test results.

The below departments enrols students based on the following points:

· Industrial Design: MF-1

· Visual Communication Design: TS-1

· Architecture: MF-4

· Interior Architecture and Environmental Design: TM-2

· Fashion and Textile Design: YP (Placement Score)

The Placement Scores are calculated as follows:
117 % of Special Aptitude Test Score –Standard Score (OYSP-SP),
11% of Cumulative High School GPA (AOBP)
22% of Transition to Higher Education Exam (YGS).